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Building Surveying

Buildings are highly complex, valuable assets requiring professional construction, management, maintenance and improvement. Lake Associates has the expertise needed for developers, occupiers and investors to make the right decisions regarding their property. Our building surveyors have a thorough understanding of construction, technology, building processes, legal and statutory requirements and construction costs, which ensure that our clients can maximise the value of their property. Services available are as follows:

Building Condition Surveys.
Analysis and reporting to identify and assess the physical condition of a building.

Schedules of Condition
Provide detailed fabric condition reports to record current condition of a property.

Specialist negotiations under the relevant Acts help to assess any diminution in the value of the landlord's reversionary interest. Preparation of Interim, Terminal and Final Schedules on behalf of either landlord or tenant. Acting on behalf of the landlord in settling the monetary amount or monitoring and administering work carried out by the tenant in compliance with lease covenants.

Materials Technology
Specialist advice on selection of materials in consultation with research establishments and testing laboratories.

Inspection, research and creation of maintenance schedule regimes for existing and new buildings. Monitoring efficacy of such works by maintenance contractors.

Landlords' Approvals specialist negotiations with the landlord, on behalf of tenants, undertaking work to leased premises and analysis of tenants' proposals on behalf of the landlord, plus reporting on such with recommendations.

Development Monitoring
Acting as Client's Agent on behalf of an investor/tenant, we are able to help protect their interests by ensuring that the developer adheres to the agreement terms. Early appointment is essential in such instance to ensure that, in collaboration with your legal advisors, relevant terms are incorporated within any agreement.